InterCollege ApS.

InterCollege is a social enterprise within the field of Education and Capacity Development.
The organisation was established in Denmark in the Danish region of Northern Jutland, in 2010. InterCollege has been selected as having special growth potential and is thus part of the North Jutland VIP scheme.

The vision of InterCollege is to stimulate global progress, built on international respect, understanding and coherence through:

  • Facilitating bespoke education;
  • Acting as a counterpart to educational providers;
  • Mobilising and connecting People, Ideas and Resources.

InterCollege is offering annually a wide range of educational offers for young people and adults, notably training courses, seminars, youth exchanges, study visits.

InterCollege is highly experienced in delivering trainings at the local, national and international level, as well as developing non-formal educational resources in youth and adult education which can be used as teaching materials.

InterCollege has an expertise in the management of donor-funded projects as well as expertise in facilitating intercultural learning so as to strengthen global responsibility and solidarity.

Annually, InterCollege reaches about 1000 beneficiaries from various EU countries, as well as neighbouring countries.

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InterCollege (UK)

InterCollege (UK), formed in March 2014, is based within the city of Derby, United Kingdom. It works in close cooperation with its sister company in Denmark.

InterCollege (UK) is a social enterprise meaning that all its activity is strategically focused upon meeting its social vision and creating social value to the community.

InterCollege (UK)’s vision is to stimulate global progress, built on international respect, understanding and coherence through facilitating bespoke education; acting as a counterpart to educational providers; and mobilising and connecting people, ideas and resources.

The InterCollege UK team has a passion for internationalisation and believe strongly in a need to develop intercultural competencies and international qualifications in order to ready local society for sustainable global communities. In line with this, the organisation is using International solutions to target local issues.


Kocaeli Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü
(Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of National Education)

As an educational authority our Institution is a non-profit public body. Our institution works to increase the success and ensure the efficiency by focusing on understanding on "Strategic Planning" in every field of education. In our city, the school / institution number is 862. In these schools 25.321 teachers carry out a duty and 395.435 students are studying at 16.907 classes. 

Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of National Education is a governmental organization in charge with the planning and coordination of all kinds of educational and training activities from pre-school, to secondary and adult education in Kocaeli Province. The Directorate is responsible with taking all required actions in the field of education to realize a real increase in the management and organizational capacity of this largest governmental body of the Kocaeli Province. In this context the Directorate supports school principals, teachers, and other staff with variety of in-service training courses. Besides, it collaborates and co-operates with the other directorates and institutions in Kocaeli, in many National and International projects.

The European idea and intercultural learning are important elements of our education and training life. Therefore, the Kocaeli Directorate of National Education gives special importance for planning and undertaking project activities. In this context, a project coordination unit was established within the directorate and started its activities in April 2009.The unit organizes seminars and training programs about project cycle management for all stakeholders from governmental, non-governmental, public and private institutions in Kocaeli, plays an important role in consultation and information providing about LLP, ERASMUS+, Horizon2020 and the calls of Central Finance and Contract Unit.


ADEPT (Asociatia de Dezvoltare a Europei Prin Tineri - ADEPT) is a non-governmental organisation created and managed by young people, thus giving each single member an opportunity of personal and professional growth and an opportunity to get involved and learn, meet people and experience through development.

ADEPT purpose is to engage the civil society in taking part in the inclusion of young people into European Union unity by giving young people tools to become more active in the local and European society, by organizing different types of activities such as seminars, training's, local, national and international meeting, youth exchanges, etc.

ADEPT is concentrating its efforts to reach young people and present them the concept of European citizenship in order for them to know and understand the benefits and the power of an united, responsible and engaged society.

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University of Calabria (UNICAL)

The University of Calabria (UNICAL) is a public university situated in the Southern of Italy (Rende-Cosenza). Here, 27000 students follow degree and PhD courses within five major academic areas: Humanities, Economics and Social Sciences, Engineering, Science, Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Its 14 Departments enrol over 1500 between academics, technical and administrative staff to provide the top-quality programs and to develop advanced scientific research.

Moreover, Unical seeks to expand and support a vibrant and international body, especially for its Science and Technology (S&T) programs. A broad range of international exchange and mobility programmes ensure that UNICAL’s researchers and students are globally engaged and advance in their education and research through international collaborations (UNICAL has participation in 29 projects funded in the framework of the FP7 and 15 projects in the framework of Horizon 2020). A Technology Transfer Office has expertise to manage projects in order to promotes research, technology and education transfer.

Within our specific scope the Physics Department is involved into pedagogical science education and non-formal dissemination. Professors and staff members constantly organize events like: Movie evenings on scientific themes and seminars, open days where students are protagonist (with the help of professors) into preparing dissemination experiments for people of every age, and finally long-term formation activities in schools.



Zagreus Associazione Culturale was founded in 2006 to allow for an informal group of young graduates in the Performing Arts to cooperate and carry out projects in the field of art-education.

The main vocation of this organization is the non-formal education in the creative sector, using art as a tool in Non-Formal Education. The focus has always been primarily for generations of young school age or younger in preparation for the world of work. The organisation has a history of successful cooperation with schools, where it provided non-formal methods to teach curriculum subjects through art and creativity. In the last year, Zagreus carried out a successful work in the field of adult education with focus on Seniors.

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